BRANDPRENEUR Elite mentorship is an all in one state of the art online coaching & mentorship dedicated to helping passionate individuals to build and grow their personal brand as a strong powerful influential brand, in order to impact and leave a legacy.. No matter where your interests lies, whether you're called to lead in Entertainment, Business or even just leading your life, branding and growth is a tough journey on your own! you need the basic fundamental foundation, a blueprint to follow.  

“For those of us who dream, remember...we must wake up to make it happen! Dreaming alone is not enough!’’ Diana Ross

Skip the years of wandering through on your own. Make the most of your purpose and influence with BRANDPRENEUR Elite Mentorship and get access to our online resources, courses, masterclass, coaching, mentoring and passionate community that are designed to maximise your entrepreneurship and personal branding in order for you to achieve your dreams, position your brand as an authority and make a difference in the world!

 “If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

Dhirubhai Ambani

BRANDPRENEUR Elite Coaching & Mentorship gives you access to the tools that you need, educating. inspiring, empowering , mentoring and motivating you in your journey to success! So welcome to BRANDPRENEUR Elite Mentorship Program and let's take your brand to the next level of luxury,influence, impact and legacy!  


THE PERSONAL BRANDING BLUEPRINT masterclass was such an eye opener for me because I was doing things the wrong way as an influencer and a blogger. I didn’t know how to position myself as a brand. After consulting with Franny, i enrolled in her coaching & mentoring services and I have never looked back! Franny is so amazing to work with and i would highly recommend you enroll in the masterclass and consult her for her private coaching, to help you with your personal branding.

Jessica Hendrick

"I cannot believe how everything changed for me after Franny's coaching and mentoring programm . She added so much value & over-delivered!  I can't wait to share with the world my vision & purpose!"

- Adrienne J




"Franny is so impactful in what she does! She adds so much value effortlessly that she changed my life! She is ready to roll up her sleeves and make you understand how the world needs you now as a leader through your brand. I am forever indebted to her cause she has changed my life forever! Thank you Franny"  

- Sandra B

"Franny is the world's best Personal branding coach/mentor! She lives that lifestyle because she works in the media industry. She is the best at making you look like a Hollywood superstar and make your dreams a reality! Through franny's coaching & mentorship. I am now creating so much more in my life and adding more value in what life has to offer! I am creating a life of legacy as a leader, through my brand..what is more fulfilling than that!

- Chelsea G (Film director & producer) 

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed ,it takes work to build your brand.

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Do you desire to make a big impact on the world stage and live a life of purpose through your brand? Do you want to show up powerfully–bold unapologetically– .  Do you want to live a life you imagined, dreamed of AND make a living doing it. You feel like you are at a crossroad that is not fulfilling-Your calling. You keep reflecting back on the coulda,shoulda, woulda, done that with so many ifs...this is not the time for regrets, it's a time to live up to your destiny! There comes a defining moment of choosing to embrace what the world has offered you by impacting lives.

To  live a life of legacy you must be a passionate leader and ready to add value, be honourable-, extraordinary, make a difference with the purpose of life-Your  Vision,Purpose, Value equals your legacy!

Hi, I’m Franny Óprah

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